Thursday, April 16, 2009

Welcome To My Little Homestead in The Suburbs

I live in a beautiful house in the suburbs. I'm a SAHM to a beautiful 4 year old and I'm on the pre-school board. My husband is a conservative teacher. I'm in a dinner club and a garden club. I like strappy sandals and leopard print. I sell things on eBay. I like coffee out. I read a lot.


Part of me longs to be Laura Ingalls. What I really want is a beautiful homestead with chickens, bees, fruit trees, homegrown produce and more self sufficiency than I currently have. I daydream about spinning my own yarn and would like a pressure canner.

I actually already DO a lot of the things that I would if I lived on my dream homestead.

I compost.
I grow things.
I can make my own cheese.
I knit.

I've recently been inspired by the myriad of Urban Homesteaders out there who, despite WHERE they live, have taken better charge of HOW they live. (I've got a whole post about these interesting people line up soon!) I feel a shift in focus. I've had flower gardens for years and have grown vegetables. Lately my interest in food production has blossomed even more and I feel a real need to provide for myself and my family.

I've long had the idea to blog about my garden, if only to act as my own personal record about it. Maybe no one wants to read about my peas??? But I actually DO want to write about them.

I don't want a farm. (farmette? maybe? )I don't want to grow vegetables as a job or for money. I want A place to become more self sufficient and to make better use of my resources. I want to buy local. I want to eat in season. I want to knit something warm. I want to put up food for the winter.

Why wait for 40 acres and a mule.

My homestead journey starts now! Please join me along the way!


  1. I love the new blog, Christine.

    You have inspired me in so many ways...growing my own veggies and herbs (something beyond my own pot of basil and one of mint, LOL) is a priority for me this year, as we just planted 40 little pots to eventually put in the ground (maybe when it isn't windy, rainy and in the 40s).

    I also want to try the homemade mozarella!

    Thanks for teaching me so many things about gardening!

  2. Thanks Karley! The feeling is mutual!

    If you really want to try the mozzarella, I would be happy to give you the supplies to make a batch and the instructions to see if you like it. It's really easy. I usually use the Pittsford Farms milk but have also used the Wegman's Organic Milk with great results!

    Can't wait to hear about your 40 pots!

  3. Looks great, Chris! Love the opening post -- yes, you were born to be a homesteader! Thanks for making me feel inspired to try my hand at a vegetable garden this year!!

  4. Well thanks for the vote of confidence!

    I can't wait to see what everyone is growing this year. I have been at my brother to start growing more as well and sent him home with some pea seeds the other day-heck, his whole yard is surrounded by a chain link fest.

    I want to leave gardens in my wake!!

  5. You must be my long lost sister. I have the same ideas and passions. I'm pretty suburban. The neighbor has coined me the "chic pioneer," since one day I run out the door in stilettos and the next day I'm standing there holding a shovel and a hoe. Good luck. I look forward to reading about your daily happenings.

  6. Hi there! I jumped on over to your blog as well! Love the mailbox broccoli! Chic Pioneer! I think I LOVE that name!

    Can't wait to read your blog as well!